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Headquarters & PlantSAN Bohemia s.r.o. was founded in July 2008. We continue the activities of SAN s.r.o., traditional manufacturer of folding walls, folding doors, accessories for interior design and customer made upholstry and paddings.

We have long standing experience of manufacturing products from imitation leather, foam, leather and artificial leathers, tarp and industrial textiles both wovens and non-wovens. We have our own production facilities in Eastern Bohemia (Czech Republic) at 50 km from the city of Hradce Králové. Our target is, to use the qualified team and our equipment, and adapt our product range to the changing demands of our customers in Interior Design, as well as the needs of automotive and industrial customers.

Therefore, we have updated the existing product range and we have added a line of luxury accessories for pets.

Next to our products for interior design, we use our experience in Logistics and Transport to develop, optimize and produce special packaging, according to the expicit needs of diverse parts and logistics processes of our customers.

Simultaneously we use our experience in this field to offer customer specific logistics services including transport and warehousing.

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