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Folding doors for exhibitions - compatible with all exhibition systems

Exhibition stand with doors used with OCTANORMŽ elements SAN Bohemia consolidates its position as leading supplier for developers and builders of exhibition presentations, booths and stands.

Our doors are specially adapted for easy assembly as part of a construction made from OCTANORMŽ, AximA and all other systems. We offer both standard sizes for this assembly system, as well as individual solutions for your exhibition presentation. As standard color we offer white, with an exclusive version in black leather with a silver handle. Other colors possible on request.

The advantages of using our Folded doors in your exhibition presentation:

  • Saving expensive room
  • Absorbtion of Sound up to 30 dB
  • Working spaces and meeting rooms can be locked from unwanted attention of visitors
  • The assembly ready set enables easy assembly into atypical solutions of separate exhbition presentations

Illustration of usage:

Folding doors in a exhibition presentation built with OCTANORMŽ elements

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